Tuesday, April 23, 2013

mongo4idea 0.4.0 is out


I am pleased to announce the release 0.4.0 of mongo4idea. Many bug fixes, misc improvements. Here below the changelog:
  • [fix] #39 Mongo connection leak
  • [fix] #33 Error marker in popup points to incorrect position
  • [fix] #32 $unwind operator does not work
  • [fix] #35 No way to connect to server if Autoconnect is disabled
  • [add] #31 Specific database can be set in the configuration
  • [add] #30 Results are rendered in a TreeTable
Enjoy it,

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Jenkins Plugin for Intellij 0.8.0 is out

Hi All,

I just released a new version of the Jenkins plugin for IntelliJ. As I mentionned in the previous post, the main change is a better integration in the IDE.

The Rss Feed move to the Event Log:

The Browser has been updated with some UI tweaks and an improvement in data loading:

Multiple server configurations has not been implemented yet.
Actually I wanted to release the work which has been done so far before coding it because a major breakthrough will be necessary.

I hope you will enjoy this version.