Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mongo plugin 0.2 available


Unfortunately, it seems the approval step is taking more time than I think. Usually, it is about 1 day max, sometimes 2 hours. I sent an email to the webmaster but no explanation so far.

If the plugin is not available by the end of this Thursday I will make it available on the github project page. It means you will have to install it manually (Settings -> Plugins -> Install from disk...).

I hope this situation will be back to normal soon.

Edit: If you want to install it, use this link.
Edit 2: The plugin is available now. According to the plugin admin, the plugins validation has been slowed during some days due to annual holidays.


Monday, January 7, 2013

mongo4idea 0.2.0 is out


I released new version of mongo plugin for intellij. The Jetbrains approval step should take a couple of hour.

Here below the changelog:
  • [fix] #18 If server auth is enabled, use credentials when list Databases
  • [add] #19 Refresh databases button available in the explorer panel
  • [add] Mongo shell integration
  • [add] Configuration: Mongo shell options (path and program arguments)
  • [upd] migrate to the mongo-java-driver 2.10.1
The main new feature is Mongo Shell integration.

Any suggestions or feedbacks are welcome ;).